Annette is Baron Dominic's niece. She is a talented student who scored extremely high marks at the Royal School of Sorcery. She's cheerful and hardworking. Brilliant, really. Though she can be a bit oblivious at times. I hear she caused an explosion in the kitchen last night...

Holy Kingdom of Faerghus






151 cm, 153 cm


5/9 (Harpstring Moon)


Minor Crest of Dominic
House Dominic's Minor Crest, inherited from Dominic of the 10 Elites. Occasionally conserves uses of attack magic.

  • Studying
  • Singing and dancing


Cleaning, doing laundry, morning walks, getting dressed up


Indolence, dark places, hard-to-reach places that need a good dusting, coffee

Personal History

Part I

Year Details
1163 Born the eldest daughter of Gustave, a Kingdom knight.
1177 Father vanishes. Goes to live with her uncle, Baron Dominic.
1178 Enrolls at the school of sorcery in the Kingdom capital and achieves excellent grades.
1180 Enrolls at the Officers Academy at Garreg Mach.

Part II (Not Crimson Flower)

Year Details
1181 Goes to live with her uncle, Baron Dominic, to help him with official business.
1185 Remembers the promise made five years ago and returns to Garreg Mach.

Part II (Crimson Flower)

Year Details
1181 Absconds from House Dominic.
Becomes involved in the Imperial army as a general.
1185 Reassigned to Garreg Mach when the Black Eagle Strike Force is formed.